about me

Photograph 2

I am an illustrator based in Harlow, Essex. I have an MA in Children's Book Illustration which I achieved in 2011 after returning to study at Cambridge School of Art.

Coloured pencils are my passion! Over the years I have experimented with various types of art materials but I always find myself returning to my coloured pencils. I think it is the steady process of building up layers of colour to create intensity and depth that appeals to me. I like to create atmosphere and texture through the softness and strength of strokes.

The arrival of a new illustration brief always brings a feeling of excitement and anticipation. It is great to have a new project to immerse myself in and to have the opportunity to work with publishers and designers on achieving something that we are all pleased with.

I also love to exhibit my work. It gives me the chance to give my imagination a free reign and to showcase the themes and ideas that preoccupy me. As well as my pencil drawings I like to include three-dimensional pieces made in Papier Mache to give the exhibition a sense of unity. It is lovely to chat to people about my work and to get feedback from them. When people tell me that my work makes them feel happy it is a wonderful feeling.

I enjoy illustrating all kinds of things particularly folk stories from around the world, fairy stories and books for younger readers. Non-fictional projects are also welcome and I enjoy subjects such as cookery, health, crafts and nature. The changing seasons are a favourite subject of mine.

In my illustrations, and also in my exhibition pieces, I love to capture moments in time; brief glimpses into worlds of awe and wonder. The themes which prevail are joy, whimsy and simple pleasures; the way that time can seem to stretch out forever through the eyes of a child. The beauty and wonder all around us.